Bees and Antichrist

This weekend’s Lunch with the FT doesn’t offer much (one reason perhaps is that the interviewer talks a bit too much about himself and his own book), so I re-read instead an FT lunch from a few weeks ago with Lars von Trier. I saw his latest movie Antichrist last week in Brussels and it was great. I do harbour a bit of an unconditional love for von Trier and anything he says I usually find to be a deep truth about the existence of mankind.To give an example, the FT interview ends with one of the most brilliant analys of a vegetable garden:

“He calls me a taxi and leads me out, past a well-kept vegetable garden. I express my admiration and we stop for a moment. ‘It is very fascistic, he [von Trier] says. ‘You take out the weak and the strong remain. It’s like ethnic cleansing.’ “

An excellent Sunday coffee read and re-read.

This brings me to another gardenesque subject in the weekend newspapers: Beekeeping. According to the Guardian who have the tendency to hype up marginal things (very often random British band: “pop phenomenon of the year”), are now claiming that beekeeping is the new thing . The author attends a beekeeping beginners course after his wife expressed that she would like to do something to save the bees who are currently under serious threat by all type of diseases. As a beekeeping fan (soon to be a practitioner) myself, I do resent the Guardian a bit for making my interest a mainstream occupation. But mostly I am annoyed by the miss-representation of the charm of beekeeping. In the article, beekeeping is presented as just another ‘I want to do something but not too much to combat climate change activity to be added to the buying of organic vegetables.

Beekeeping is an art form. It’s about the beautiful colour, viscosity and sweetness of the honey produces by little creature from the nectar of flowers, about the fascinating organisation of labour, the intriguing role of the Queen bee, the peacefulness of a beehive on an open field or a city rooftop, and the joy of wearing a protective outfit. At least that is what motivates me. If you’re doing it to save the planet, that’s fine as well. Just be aware of what a beautiful activity you have chosen.

Happy Sunday!


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