I consider you

I don’t need to tell you about a Sunday spent in bed due to an over saturation of Saturday night drinking beer because it is such a fact of life that any attempt at being pitiable is just irresponsible.

Instead, today, I will consider not the lethargy but the label; the visual, almost aesthetic, invitation to admire the bottle of beer as you drink.  The act of holding it out in front of your or to placing  it on its heel and rotating it slowly knowing that this does not improve the taste, but enhances your experience. But how?

I have recently returned from Brazil bringing back with me four labels from the beers made by the company AmBev. As quickly as possible then, because Sunday is almost over, they are the following:

There is something about each label that appeals to me that I fear I have succumbed to AmBev’s marketing department.  I’d rather these labels were designed by artisans in the mid-nineteenth century who, having spent their lives drinking beer, understood the important contribution that a piece of artwork stuck to the bottle made not only to the social experience of beer drinking, but also the perception of their country.  I’m not talking about Becks’ partnership with Ladyhawke and Hard Fi (no link forthcoming), which is terrible terrible artwork on not the best tasting beer, and contributes nothing.

A country’s beer is always a subject you report back on to friends. Ice cold and plentiful  is always a gold star.

Maybe because I was a tourist I was looking for this insight into Brazil. Antarctica for example, looks like a drink of the people. Bohemia says it all in the name. Brahma? Party beer. Skol? A bit dangerous.

It’s probably a comparable hobby to collecting cigarette cards, but I read in the FT that AmBev is introducing a new beer called ‘Brahma Fresh’.  I can’t wait to see what the label will look like. I hope to introduce a collection of postcards with these labels printed on in the near future, and perhaps one day put on an exhibition.

But in the meantime to wish you well of what remains of a Happy Sunday, here is a very beautiful label from a Mexican beer.


Happy Sunday!


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