A few articles to start you off

The rain has just stopped in Paris and I am about to hit the streets. Or rather the rails. My friend is talking me for a walk on what used to be an old train track which is now a park.  I will try to take some pictures to share on Sunday.

Before I’m off, after a quick browse in today’s papers these are some articles I found to read with tomorrow’s morning coffee:

Ministers warn of poll boost for BNP after Question Time (Guardian)

(The debate about whether more visibility in media indeed gives right wing parties more votes, is quite interesting. I will try to expand on this.)

Wild thing at heart (by Dave Eggers in the Guardian)

(Eggers has written some great books and uses literature as a means to bring about change)

Dinner with the FT and Prince Andrew (FT weekend)

(Lunch was apparently not enough.. Don’t we all want to know Who is Prince Andrew?)

I will also browse Babelia -a weekend supplement which comes with El Pais. They usually have nice articles on literature, art and those kind of things.

Oh and if you haven’t read it yet, Gary Younge  on the BNP in the Guardian. Gary is wonderful.

à bientôt!


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