Ball ball ball foot foot foot

Weekend activities

This weekend I have seen an unprecedented two whole games of football. The first was QPR versus Derby County which QPR won 4-2. We watched it on BBC2.  I hate reading about football and rarely watch it, preferring to play instead,  so I will not pretend to have anything to say about it except I enjoyed the beer and the banter and watching Damion Stewart head the ball.

It was also on Saturday at my friend’s house that I learnt, publicly and embarrassingly, what the monetary value of a ‘score’ is, not having made a connection between this and Abraham Lincoln’s famous speech.  A friend asked to borrow ‘a score’ and I proffered a £10 note in hope this is what he meant. It wasn’t.

On Sunday my friend Harvey who came down from Crouch End to stay and my girlfriend and I all went for Sunday lunch at the local pub and watched Liverpool beat Man U (Manchester United) 2 nil.  My chocolate delight pudding was not as delightful as I hoped.

Harvey and I talked about writing a sitcom called The Workplace but couldn’t come up with any dialogue.

Weekend reading

Over Sunday lunch I read about Emily Cummins and her sustainable refrigerator. Quite impressive.

In Sunday’s Observer the question was: is Michael Haneke  the best director ever? (Again there is a discrepancy between the print and online versions so just trust me) His original Funny Games is the only film I’ve had to stop watching and take a break because I was so terrified. Best ever director though? I’m not sure as it’s not something I’ve considered before, but I will check out his new film when it’s out.

I started reading Welcome to Everytown: A journey into the English mind by Julian Baggini this weekend.  I picked it up when I was on work experience at Granta (had to get that in somehow) and so far it is making me more aware of my middle class outlook than David Mitchell. I have also diagnosed myself as asocial.


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