What did you do or read this weekend?

I started to read the The Oxford Style Manual on Sunday so I have no articles to share this week, but in case you’re interested; 11 12 means size 11 pt for a font and a space between the lines of 12pts. That comes from the days when they used to use lead to seperate the lines of text (so no reading between the lines there then, hohoho) in the printing process.

On another note, I went to see one time favourite band Rise Against play on Saturday. They’re touring with their new album which I’m not that keen on but thankfully they played some old stuff.

Once, in a state of crisis, I really wanted to get a Rise Against tattoo. It was going to solve everything. I wanted to have it written down my calf muscles so that when I wore shorts those that knew them would recognise me as true hardcore: ‘Rise’ down the left and ‘Against’ down the right. I wrote it down on a piece of paper and put it in my wallet to carry around, as you’re supposed to right. I even got it priced at about £30 per letter, so £300 to do it. Huh? No £330. There’s eleven letters in Rise Against. I had written ‘Aginst’. I like to think that if I was someone who always did what they set their mind to then the tattooist would’ve noticed that error, but you’ve seen some of the shit that people go in and ask for. I only noticed when I went off the idea – probably because it would’ve cost £300 –  and threw the piece of paper away.

So yeah what did everyone else read or get up to this weekend? We’d love to know.

Happy Sunday.


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