Lunch by the FT: Italian Beans on Toast

Normally I err towards Jamie Oliver for a recipe (last night I cooked his lamb balti which was delicious) but for today, Sunday, I wanted to go for a FT lunch. After all it is a Sunday. Rowley Leigh has provided the brownbookproject with delectable melt in the mouth pancakes before (not personally of course) and so I went through the archive of his articles and found this ( Beans on toast.

Don’t be put off by the requirement for fresh borlotti beans because, as Rowley says, they are near impossible to find in this country (if you know where please let me know), and as I have only cooked with them once before I didn’t think I’d be missing out on much if again I used the tinned variety.  I think it will only be more exciting when I do eventually find somewhere that sells fresh beans.  For this recipe then I skipped the first part of cooking the beans for ten minutes and went straight to simmering them with the vegetables.

My place

Black Olives £1.69

Bruschetta with borlotti beans, fennel and olives x 2 £4.74

Pinot Noir £1.65

Peach squash negligible

Total £8.04

The proper Lunch with the FT tea this weekend is actually afternoon tea.

Happy Sunday!


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