Has Tyler Brûlé lost his touch (with reality)?

Happy Sunday! On this rainy Sunday, browsing through the FT weekend as I was finishing my bread with butter and honey, I read a column which is not only annoying but also an opportunity lost.

Tyler Brûlé, the founding father of that fictitious creation which I like to refer to as the truobleless ‘jetsetter’, who for years has offered a wealth of insightful comments about airport comfort and what makes a travel accessory a must have, might be loosing his touch.

In this week’s FT weekend, Brûlé wrote a piece which is not only trivial but also rather innapropriate. As the world leaders are gathering in Copenhagen to discuss, and try to agree on ways to prevent climate change from distoying the livelihoods of the world’s most vulnerable people, Brûlé whines about the fact that  his favourite bookshop has decided to replace their ‘traditional’ lamps with energy saving lamps. The resulting new ‘cold and harsh’ light gives Brûlé a headache and ‘then some’. Never mind that the energy saving lamps might contribute to reducing global warming and ultimately to saving the planet from total meltdown.

Although Brûlé’s blunt political incorrectness could be somewhat charming, it isn’t.

Instead of whining, Brûlé should see this as on opportunity to introduce a brand new topic to his writing portfolio: the world of lampshades and dimmer switches.  He could apply his critical journalism skills to inform us about the best brands, and about which light bulb shape is the most portable and hence most appropriate for those who wish to bring their favourite light bulb along on their frequent travels to Tokyo, Stockholm or Zurich.  He could reflect about how the choice of energy saving light bulb impacts on our experience of the world, and ultimately how it can make us look dynamic and cool.

All I’m saying is that if anyone can make the energy saving lamp a must have accessory, it is Tyler Brûlé. And in the process he would contribute to saving the planet. What’s not to like?


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