Alright, so we said next week and meant next month but the important thing is that we’re here now.

And we shall never leave you alone on weekends again (unless we’re too busy with other things).

So what is new? Well, one thing that is great for us and that we’ll try to also turn into a good thing for the BBP readers, is that the BBP is now entirely based in London. Indeed! With the whole team (read two people) in the same city we will finally be able to put some of our BBP plans into action. These include the breakfast or coffee or lunch or just a quick hello with the BBP where we will have a chat with people who are nice to chat with on a Sunday (inspired by the lunch with the FT), and the  Neighbourhood Watch with the BBP (working title and not inspired by Neighbourhood Watch) where we take a closer look at a neighbourhood in London and try to lift out what makes it special.

What else is new? We have decided that the BBP blog will be strictly a weekend blog. This means that posts will only be published Friday to Sunday but will of course carry the wisdom of the whole week. We have however introduced a Twitter function which will allow us to update you during the week when we find something worthwhile reading and which we can then perhaps follow up in a post on the weekend. We still have our doubts about the Twitter function so we’ll try it out first in these coming weeks before we make it a permanent function.

That’s all really. So welcome to the new and improved Brown Book Project and Happy Weekend!


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