What will you do? asks TfL, but is anyone actually doing anything?

TfL seems to have had one marketing campaign for the last three years in a bid to get us to be more mindful of our fellow passengers. Nevermind the constant reminders over the tannoy to ‘let others of the train first’, ‘move right down inside the cars please’, and ‘stand behind the yellow line’, it seems we either do not listen or do not care. Perhaps both, but because the Underground can be a misanthropic environment, TfL have come up with a series of posters asking us what we can do that would make for a pleasant journey for all. These have been collated from passenger feedback and have started appearing around the place.

Here is a prime example of what really has been pissing us off all this time:

I bet they got thousands of ‘hilarious’ suggestions that would be unsuitable for print so the brownbookproject decided to do its own survey to really drill down to those annoying behaviours. Here are our four posters TfL should also adopt for their campaign (and they no way represent the views of the authors of the bbp).

We’d like to know what, dear reader,  makes you feel sick at humanity. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below. The funniest will receive a bbp t-shirt (when we have them made).

Happy Sunday.

P.s. Here a couple of links from 2009 when this campaign first seems to have been announced.

http://nathan-lee.com/blog/2009/01/25/reality-check-for-london-tube-ad/ – some good points made.

http://british-chinese.blogspot.com/2009/03/campaign-against-bad-behaviour-seems-to.html – picks up on that they all look Chinese and could therefore be implying only Chinese people behave badly on the train.


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