The brownbookproject brings you the best…..

This week we would like to share a list of the best places in the world for some of the simple pleasures in life.

Best bus ride:

Mexico City pesero (ice cream, radio romatico, stops everywhere, nice people that pass on your ticket fare to the bus driver)

Best taxi ride:

Mexico City:best taxi and bus rides

Mexico city

Best cappuccino:

Torino Barman covers your cup to make sure it doesn’t get cold

Best retreat not too far away:

The Pyrenees (the Spanish/Catalan side)

Best place with a view:

Nadia’s grandmother’s, Poschiavo in Switzerland

Best night walk:


Best hotel:

Emiliano in Sao Paolo

Best fish & chips:

Jackson Bay, New Zealand

Best shopping:


Best lemonade:

Taganga, Colombia

Best couscous:

Roof terrace in old Fez, Morocco (ha!)

Best shoe shine:

Leticia airport, Colombia

Best place for beer:

Boipeba, Brasil and Pacific Coast (state of Guerrero), Mexico

Best Irish Coffee

Santa Maria del Sur, Battersea

Best Margarita:

City of Oaxaca, Mexico

Best train ride:

Unconfirmed as there are so great train journeys and many more to discover. Suggestions welcome.

Best fish & chips: Jackson Bay, South Island

3 thoughts on “The brownbookproject brings you the best…..

  1. It goes without saying, that one should be careful when catching a taxi on the street in Mexico City. Kidnappings are not unusual. I used to do some heavy profiling, standing on the side of the road looking at the drivers of some 50-60 cabs that passed by before I actually picked one which I thought had a driver that looked ‘trustworthy’, simpatico and not inclined to kidnapping.

  2. That’s good advice, Alina, thank you. I will be careful when in Mexico or in fact anywhere where you have recommended, because I know my safety is my own responsibility and I will not hold the bbp liable for any kidnapping or robbings I might experience.

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