The Day Two Women Nearly Met A Husband

The Delusionoir Series


I had been planning to relocate to Rome or Venice where I would work as some kind of innovative venture capitalist  when I nearly met my wife that day, twice.

The first woman approached me on the way to the train station. As I was walking up the hill, her on the other side of the road walking down the hill, she suddenly and without explanation crossed over to be on the same side as me. The second instance had it not been thwarted by the very fate that bought us so close to getting married was the another woman who smiled at me on the train as we were both getting off. You see, we hadn’t seen each other until those final seconds. I had to jump on the connecting train and as I looked behind me she was already heading up the stairs towards the exit probably cursing the gods.

Both women now I can tell are regretting not speaking to me but this is definitely the day I nearly met my wife. Twice!


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