The Queen Bee Years

The Delusionoir Series


He walked into the kitchen as I was helping myself to R’s last special ‘mum’ tea bag, which he had left in the box just for me. With a pleased and slightly teasing smile G slowly and demonstratively started unpacking a large Woolworths plastic bag.  One by one he unwrapped them, until six of my favourite kind of glasses were neatly lined up on the kitchen counter before me. ‘Now you don’t have to wash so much anymore’, he said pointing at the four glasses lined with the dry remnants of coffee in the sink. The glasses in the sink were identical to the new ones he had just unwrapped. Pleased as I was about the glasses, I knew it was trouble. When she entered the kitchen and stopped pulling the brush through her long black hair midway as she spotted the glasses, the look in her eyes was unmistakable. She knew that I knew, and she was furious. And who can blame her? How would you feel if your boyfriend spent his meager student resources on buying your female housemate a brand new set of her favourite glasses.

In a gesture of reconciliation, I poured the tea from my cup in one of the new glasses, looked at her with my most earnest smile and said that she was welcome to use them anytime as long as she washed them straight after. As I finished speaking she started slowly to move the brush down her hair again. I could sense she was not over it though. Sipping on the ‘mum’ tea I decided to retreat to let them work it out among themselves.


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