Senorita I feel For You

The Delusionoir Series

Girls like a man who is dangerous but girls also like Justin Timberlake. I read this in Vanity Man magazine and my ability to forge these two contradictory traits into a single identity is the key to my success with girls on campus. That is why I carry a skateboard under my arm wherever I go. Girls will see that I am fearless, dangerous, and unpredictable but then they see my woolly hat and dopey eyes and they see JT. It generates a frisson whenever I enter the lecture hall or seminar, and if I really want to devastate the girls I don a kiefer and pilot sunglasses. I’m the kind of guy that other guys want to be as I see the envy in their eyes.
But I’m more than just an image. I like to talk about the fight against imperialism and Zionism and I like to stand in solidarity will all peoples oppressed by America. I also had ‘No Justice No Peace’ tattooed across my back last autumn so that when I play bongos everyone can see the core of my beliefs.


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