No boxes of tissues provided during our stay

The brownbookproject is going to Procida next week and searching for accommodation is always the necessary but boring part of organising a trip. I mean, what can compare with booking a flight?

Rarely on hotel review sites, such as tripadvisor, do you actually get an idea of what to expect; it’s as much a gamble picking the first B&B from a list in Lonely Planet as it is going by some of the contributions to review sites.

It’s always better to get a recommendation from a friend but as the brownbookproject is generally regarded a pioneer amongst its peers trusted recommendations are hard to come by.  So imagine then the pleasure we had in reading a review by VBSLondon. Ms VBSLondon is not cynical or snidey and does not deal in malice and contempt. Nor does she fawn and gush. This review of a hotel in Sicily is balanced and informative and has that sparkle of quintessential Englishwoman abroad.

The linen-clad staff are friendly, helpful, attractive, and most speak English. Particular thanks go to the charming Barbara for being a mine of information on local restaurants.

There is also a priceless observation that there were “no boxes of tissues provided during our stay.” It is without doubt that Ms VBSLondon met other English people because “Guests in another room also remarked on this puzzling omission.” Being English I understand the importance of boxes of tissues being placed strategically about the home. Why VBSLondon did not take her own multipack of travel Kleenex is not made clear but it is this detail that makes her review a pleasurable read and I wish Ms VBSLondon had gone to Procida instead of Sicily.


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